Our board members

Secretary - HNCLT


Kirsten Berry

I got involved with the Cherwell CLT (CCLT) as a reaction to the horrendous house prices in Oxfordshire and wanting to be part of an organisation that was able to do something about it.  It is a shame that CCLT was never able to achieve its stated goals, but because of that organisation I have learnt a lot about how to make things happen.  Further, I am a professional planning consultant and so feel I have some practical professional experience to offer as well as that gained from being on Boards, such as the CCLT.  Finally, with the transfer of CCLT funds to HNCLT, I feel an obligation to ensure they are spent well and in accordance with the spirit of the CCLT Rules.

Tim Lunel HNCLT board.png

Tim Lunel

Treasurer- HNCLT

Having moved to the Hook Norton back in February 1994 I am reliably informed by some of the families who have been in the village for generations that I am making a good start to becoming a "local".  In that time I have seen the house prices in the village change from those where it was realistic for people who lived and worked in and around Hooky to be able to buy their home or to pay properly affordable rents in line with local salaries.  In the last few years we seem to have got our priorities out of kilter, and people working at the primary school, the brewery and the many trades needed by the village can no longer afford to buy or rent a home in the community. I wanted to help form HNCLT to build these 12 affordable homes which will ensure that they meet the local needs of the community in perpetuity.  My MBA from London Business School will, I hope, have equipped me properly for my role as Treasurer. Given that we are in a Climate Emergency it is vital that these homes are built to PassivHaus standards so that any new homes added to our village do not add to our ever escalating carbon emissions.  You couldn't look at yourself in the mirror and do anything else, could you ... 


Fiona Brown

I first became involved in the Hook Norton CLT project whilst I was at Cherwell District Council and instigated the work to transfer the land across to the community. I was very excited to see the first community- led project in the District become a reality.

I have more than 35 years experience in the development and management  of affordable housing working within Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

I now work as the Communities Lead at Collaborative Housing providing front line support to community- led housing groups across the Thames Valley. I am also an accredited CLH Advisor through the Institute of Housing and live in nearby Chipping Norton.

I believe that the housing and community facilities being planned will provide a real asset to the whole community of Hook Norton as well as to the people who will eventually be able to move into beautiful, sustainable and affordable homes.

Mike Richardson Treasurer HNCLT Board.JP

Mike Richardson

I came to Hooky in 2001 and joined Hook Norton Low Carbon in 2009 when investing in energy-saving measures whilst extending our family home, including PV, solar thermal, an air source heat pump (ASHP) to replace an old oil boiler and a significant insulation upgrade. I have been Treasurer of HNLC since 2010 and have been involved in discussions with Cherwell District Council on the community housing project since its inception in 2015. I was a founding board member of HNCLT in 2019 and was also Treasurer of the now dissolved Cherwell CLT.


Gill White

I have lived in Hook Norton for almost 50years. After retirement as an Occupational Therapist with the NHS, I completed an art degree at Banbury college.

Involvement and contributions to village activities has always been a large part of my life here. 

From the start HNCLT has been an inspiration. I have excitedly followed the community housing project becoming a reality, participating in all the open meetings, and feel honoured to be invited onto the board.

This concept, with all its complexities challenges and potential, has been of interest to me over many years, and here it is now on our doorstep.


Martine Spalding

I am an active member of the community and passionate about the community-led housing project in Hook Norton.

Our co-opted board members

Anne Tutt

Anne Tutt

I’ve lived in Hooky for more than 20 years. I’m passionate about supporting the community and ensuring the village has sustainable affordable housing for the future. We live in an amazing community and we should do everything we can to preserve it. I hope my financial and governance skills can make a real difference to HNCLT for this exciting programme in the village.  I'm a qualified Chartered - Accountant with more than 30 years experience of board membership as both an executive & non-executive director. My current roles include being Vice Chair of Oxford University Hospitals which runs the John Radcliffe, the Churchill, the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre & the Horton in Banbury. I'm also a member of Council at Swansea University and a trustee / advisor to 2 charities involved in international development.

Charlie Luxton.png

Charlie Luxton

I've been passionately involved in the HNCLT project for over 3 years, taking part in the community engagement and consultation sessions which have defined the ambitions and values of the project and shaped the masterplan and appearance.  

The result of all the consultation is a project with deep support in the community and one better for the input from the people who will live in and around the homes. I believe that true sustainability means creating buildings that are loved, and that only places that are valued in this way will last. I've worked with HNCLT on the design of the 12 Passivhaus community led-homes and communal facilities at Bourne Green, and look forward to helping the project through the construction phase and beyond.  


Cathy Ryan

Chair - HNCLT

I am thrilled to be part of this community–led project in Hook Norton of I2 affordable homes that will have a positive impact on the environment and look good too. I think that everyone has the right to a well-designed home that they can afford to live in and be proud of and I definitely believe that good housing can transform the lives of its residents and lead to increased community spirit.

I am the Community Engagement Manager at the Low Carbon Hub and work with over 30 of their Low Carbon community groups across Oxfordshire. Prior to that I was a theatre designer, working on diverse projects from community operas with inner city primary school children to designing forum theatre productions with groups of people experiencing homelessness in London.   

Nina Frere.jpg

Nina Frere

I'm delighted to have been invited to join the HNCLT board. Throughout my career I have been drawn to professional establishments which address social injustice and protect the rights of vulnerable people. I have a desire to contribute within my local community, provide a supportive culture and play my part in society. As a board member I hope to share my knowledge of supported housing in Oxfordshire; I have a wealth of experience in preventing homelessness, providing tenancy support and employment development opportunities.

At Aspire Oxfordshire I run a supported housing project for young people; I manage four HMO properties for single 18-35 year olds. I have developed a strong working relationship with the project participants and local service providers. I also have a Diploma in Working with Children & Young People within the Social Care Pathway. 

My passion is to encourage and motivate people to be proactive and independent; by providing affordable housing and tenancy education, I believe we can develop better opportunities for people in our community.


Andrew Bowen

We moved to Hook Norton in 1980 when I took over as head teacher of the local primary school, which was housed in the old prefabricated rural secondary school building. Over the next few years I was heavily involved in ensuring that the replacement school building was built to serve the whole community. During this time I became aware of how important it was to ensure that the village had affordable houses to prevent further loss of indigenous village families. I joined HNCLT to support this aim.

Our administrator

Diana Barber . JPG.JPG

Diana Barber

Administrator - HNCLT

I was asked to take on the general admin duties of HNCLT after working very happily in that role with Hook Norton Low Carbon since 2014.  I have been delighted to have been involved with the Community Housing feasibility study as well as the development phase of the first HNCLT project and look forward to seeing this exciting ambitious scheme come to fruition.