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We would like to thank everyone at HNCLT who worked tirelessly and patiently to enable this important step to happen. We will continue to put the next financial steps in place and to develop the community share offer in the New Year, with a view to launching in the spring of 2022

HNCLT win National Community Land Trust Award 2021

HNCLT were delighted to be a winner in the National Community Land Trust Network Awards 2021. We were nominated by the Collaborative Housing Hub in the category: “What a Wonderful World” which recognises CLT’s that embed environmentally sustainable measures within their project


HNCLT awarded grant funding from

Westmill Solar Cooperative

We are thrilled to announce that we have been awarded grant funding from Westmill Solar Cooperative in their recent round of grant applications. 

The grant will be used to employ our project manager, Phil Cringle, for the next phase of crucially important financial negotiations and project development. Phil is an accredited and experienced community – led housing advisor and has been a great asset by helping us to develop and juggle the multiple strands of the project.

“It’s fantastic that a grant from Westmill Solar Cooperative has made it possible to continue my role in this exciting project, and it’s wonderful that the funding comes from a source of renewable energy.”

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Nina Alphey, Westmill Solar Cooperative Director, had this to say about the award:


“We are pleased to support this initiative, especially as it aligns with our co-operative principals of community and sustainability. Behaviour change is essential to meet net zero targets and the work which HNCLT is doing to develop affordable and sustainable living for communities is something that Westmill Solar truly believes in and so wants to help promote further on a national and global level.”


You can find more information about Westmill Solar Cooperative here ;

HNCLT members visit a CSA at Farm ED

in Shipton Under Wychwood

A few members of the newly formed HNCLT steering group that will be developing options for the communal facilities on the Bourne Green site, were inspired by a visit to a Community Sustainable Agriculture (CSA) initiative at Farm ED near Shipton Under Wychwood.  Farm ED, based at Honeywell Farm in the Evenlode Valley, is an educational farm that promotes regenerative agriculture and sustainable food systems that increase biodiversity. 


Find out more here:

The market garden has 4 poly tunnels, built with a grant from Westmill Solar Cooperative, and provide shares for 120 families through a monthly subscription scheme, plus fresh produce for the Farm ED Kitchen and Café. They manage the soil with homegrown green manures and a cycle of rest. The project is flourishing and over-subscribed but could be replicated locally. We would love to use this sort of local initiative to help to provide the produce for the community-led café at Bourne Green, as well as using any produce from the shared community growing beds that will be on the site.

The CSA, run by the Kitchen Garden People, rents 5 acres from Farm Ed to manage and grow organic vegetables which supply the community with fresh organic produce and help to eliminate waste.

HNCLT members visit a CSA at Farm ED in Shipton Under Wychwood.png
HNCLT members visit a CSA at Farm ED in Shipton Under Wychwood.png
HNCLT members visit a CSA at Farm ED in Shipton Under Wychwood.png

CLT Board member, Gill White said:

“An inspiring 2 hour tour at Farm ED brought back war-time memories of living on a small holding as a child in Kent. It felt as though a circular return to regenerative agriculture and biodiversity could be achievable with new thinking and energy.”

Community Share Offer

Many people have let us know that they are hoping to invest in the community housing project and we are developing our community share offer and plan to launch in spring 2022. As soon as we have the date we will we holding a webinar to introduce the share offer and details will be available on our website and through social media channels.

Why not become a Member of HNCLT?

Join for just £1

We are delighted to share that we now have over 40 members since membership opened last year, and over 80 people who have registered interest and support for the project and who receive the newsletter. HNCLT is a Community Benefit Society, owned and run by its members and you can join us by purchasing a £1 share and help to transform the dream of affordable, sustainable, community–led homes into reality. Becoming a member means that you can be part of the decision-making process and help to shape the future of this innovative project. Membership is simple and affordable and open to anyone over the age of 18 who lives or works in the local and wider community and who supports the aims and ethos of HNCLT.

If you would like to join, the membership form can be found on our website: 

HNCLT Membership Form

Interested in living in one of our homes?

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Our Allocations Policy will soon be available on the website, along with details of the Local Connection Criteria. 

Ahead of that, if you are interested in living in one of the affordable homes available to rent please be sure to register with Cherwell District Council Housing Register

Hook Norton Community Land Trust 

 Welcome to our December 2021 Newsletter

Happy Christmas and an Exciting New Year from HNCLT 

We wish all of our members and supporters a very Happy Christmas and a Splendid New Year! We would like to say a massive thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for the Bourne Green community housing project and we look forward to achieving the next steps together in what promises to be an exciting 2022.

Since opening up membership earlier this year, HNCLT now have over 45 members, 84 supporters and volunteers, and a list of people who have expressed interest in living in the homes when built.

With the year drawing to an end and another about to begin, we can report that a determined and intense period of negotiating has successfully culminated in the Section 106 agreement being agreed with Cherwell District Council (CDC) and signed by HNCLT.

We have also agreed the terms of the Land Transfer from CDC to HNCLT and have signed the documents which are now ready for completion. That means that HNCLT are about to take ownership of the land that the affordable, sustainable, community-led homes in Hooky will be built on!  


Cathy Ryan, Chair of HNCLT, received the award at the Community Land Trust Network Annual General Meeting on 20 November 2021 and had this to say:

"We have used every opportunity to create a sustainable scheme in the design of the homes at Bourne Green, not just in the construction but for the people who will live in the homes and for the wider community through the shared facilities”

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