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HNCLT - Our ethos


HNCLT was set up by the community for the community to provide an innovative, grass roots solution to the growing housing crisis. Rapidly increasing house prices far exceed what is affordable to many people and the community led approach aims to help local people afford to remain in their communities to live and work. Housing is increasingly seen as a financial investment but HNCLT aims to build affordable homes that will work for the benefit of the community not the developer and will endeavour to keep the homes affordable in perpetuity. 


The homes combine design and environmental merit and will be built to Passivhaus standard. By achieving a high level of air tightness they will ensure maximum comfort with low running costs and reduced carbon emissions. The homes are positioned on the site to make the most of renewable energy features, such as solar PV panels with an extensive array on each roof and the community building. The project aims to be a replicable example of a carbon positive project and a microgrid will provide a decentralised system of locally generated energy which will allow the community to be more energy independent and environmentally friendly.

The site will contain electric vehicle charging points, a shared car club and electric bike hire scheme.


The layout of the site and design of the homes were determined by the needs of the community following extensive consultation. A different way of living began to be defined with homes that could be designed to increase social contact and encourage community spirit.  A shared vision emerged of different age groups living side by side with access to communal gardens and allotments that could enable neighbours to support each other and decrease isolation. The idea of a community building took shape as a place that people could meet and share activities with each other and the wider community.

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